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I am from Guadalajara. I moved to Rocky Point in Summer 2007 with my husband and my son. Immediately I fell in love with the life in Rocky Point. 

I have been in Real Estate since 2003, I started my career in Guadalajara in Grupo Guia, one of the most important company of Real Estate.

When I moved to Rocky Point in 2007, I continued my career in Real Estate as an independent agent then I started my company FERMAR Real Estate. I became a licensed agent in Sonora. I specialize in loans and credits. (Infonavit, Fovissste, Banjercito & Loan Banks). I also specialize in properties taken by banks. Currently the inventory is low, we sold almost all the inventory in 2016.

I am a full time Realtor in Rocky Point. I speak Spanish and English. I get involved with my transactions from beginning to end, and offer my clients the best service during the whole process and closing. I help them get best closing costs and make sure they have successful closings. In addition I share real estate business consultations with my clients.

Areas of expertise are: lots, commercial, investors, projects in town, beach front homes and condos.

I will be honored and privileged to assist you in your Home Buying and Selling Needs.